“Windgrass” graces entrance in Bridgeland to become community’s first major piece of art

If you have entered Bridgeland from Grand Parkway recently, you’ve probably noticed the bright orange-red linear rods adjacent to the Bridgeland monument sign. What you are witnessing is Bridgeland’s first major work of public art. Titled Windgrass, this dramatic, 26-foot tall sculpture was created by Konstantin Dimopoulos and is the artist’s only permanent installation in Texas.

Part of Bridgeland’s master plan is to incorporate works of art and sculpture into the landscaped surroundings. Assisting in this effort to offer a cultural component is Kinzelman Art Consulting. With Windgrass,  Bridgeland officially begins its public art collection, carrying on the tradition four decades ago by sister community – The Woodlands.

Inspired by the movement of the vast, swaying prairie grass in the Texas landscape, Dimopoulos sought to create a piece that could seamlessly integrate into the Bridgeland landscape. The sculpture flanks the entry monument to Bridgeland when accessing the development from Grand Parkway. The vibrant shafts soar dramatically skyward punctuating the grand entrance and providing a distinctive welcome to current and future residents. It is sure to be a conversation piece for generations. 

The flexible shafts made of colored, carbon fiber will sway in the gentlest of breezes and are weather-resistant to withstand nature’s toughest elements. The vibrant hues of red and orange will make Windgrass easily visible by day and night. Ground-mounted lighting will highlight the exquisite colors giving off a fiery glow, emulating prairie grasses under the Texas sun.

Dimopoulos’ concepts for sculpture and art emphasize our relationship with global issues dealing with the environment and its preservation and conservation making him a perfect choice to create a piece for our community. The world-renowned artist is best recognized for his ongoing series The Blue Trees, installed in Houston in 2013, along Allen Parkway and Memorial Drive.

Dimopoulos’ work has been called social art in action. Not only is this visually captivating, outdoor work of art specifically positioned within the natural landscape, it seeks to draw a connection between the viewer and one’s environment.

Landscaping will be installed soon and the entry is expected to be fully complete this summer. Future additions of art will seek to bring an awareness of our connection with nature, and like Windgrass, remind us that we are all in constant interaction with it.


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