Say Aloha to Shaka Power Yoga

Aloha, Cypress area yogis! A new yoga studio is coming to Lakeland Village Center this summer. Shaka Power Yoga, a Hawaiian-inspired yoga studio will join the growing assortment of businesses within Bridgeland. It’s the first studio in Cypress to solely offer yoga classes to individuals – of all ages – from first-timers to experienced yogis wishing to perfect their practice.

The mission of Shaka Power Yoga is to build a yoga community filled with ‘aloha,’ which is the Hawaiian word for ‘love,’ ‘peace,’ and ‘affection.’ Because the Bridgeland lifestyle places an emphasis on fitness, embracing nature and the outdoors and community engagement, it seemed the perfect community for owner Jenny Normand to open her yoga studio.


What is Shaka? It’s a traditional and heartfelt Hawaiian way to greet someone. It has many meanings that encompass everything from hello and love to family, friend and community. It’s an expression of gratitude given freely, without expecting anything in return. It is expressed using a symbolic hand gesture. Think of the way surfers signal to say, ‘stay loose.’

Finding the connection between body, mind and breath, Shaka Power Yoga will bring aloha to help those seeking balance. Classes will be available for participants spanning the spectrum of ages and incorporating the style’s messages of positivity, love and wellness. You’ll find classes in different types of yoga that cater to all fitness levels, in a variety of heated and non-heated classes.

In an effort to bring family and friends closer together, classes will be offered so that parents and children can practice yoga at the same time. A kid’s yoga program will provide an opportunity for our youngest residents to learn yoga with friends, while a separate class for parents to practice will run simultaneously.

As you learn the names of yoga poses you’ll be learning a few words in Sanskrit, and no doubt, at Shaka Power Yoga, you may pick up the meaning of a few Hawaiian words, as well. On her website, Normand invites you to join the ohana, or family.

Until its formal opening, Shaka Power Yoga will be doing various pop-up events throughout the Cypress community, and for those living in Bridgeland, the chance to practice right in your own backyard – literally. One idea Normand has is to utilize the natural outdoor space of Bridgeland’s Josey Lake and bring Shaka Power Yoga to the water.

You’ll find Shaka Power Yoga located at 10611 Fry Road, suite 250. With thumb and pinkie extended and giving an enthusiastic shake, ‘Namaste.’

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Love, laugh and learn about coffee

Do you need some caffeine to start your day? What about that mid‐afternoon slump? How about a rich and flavorful after‐dinner cup of coffee? The newest storefront in Bridgeland’s Lakeland Village Center can now offer an answer to all of the above. We’d like to introduce you to L3 Craft Coffee, which opened on Saturday, June 23.

Owners Lisa and Tommy Lau are bringing their enthusiastic love of coffee to share with all residents living in and around Bridgeland. They are passionate about learning new ways to brew coffee and want to share their knowledge with you. In fact, the L3 stands for love, laugh, and learn, the three words that formed the foundation for their business.

Lisa, a martial arts enthusiast brings marketing experience and according to the L3 Craft Coffee Facebook page will be supporting the back office work, while Tommy, who will likely greet you as you walk in the door brings almost a decade of experience in quality control in coffee manufacturing.

The couple fell in love with Bridgeland during a visit to Friday Night Bites and knew immediately that this was the community they wanted to serve. L3 Craft Coffee is being described as the area’s first immersive coffee experience, which will accommodate the growing interests of current and potential residents.

Using only fresh roasted beans, L3 Craft Coffee seeks to provide not only the best product and service, but also an education in the small, flavorful bean. At L3’s Discovery Bar, customers can digest how several, uncommon pour‐over methods (there are five to choose from) can change the taste of the same coffee bean. In addition to the five pour‐over methods: siphon, chemex, clever dripper, aeropress, and French press, area residents can choose from traditional offerings like standard espresso, drip coffee, and single‐origin coffees that will be rotated either monthly or seasonally. July’s coffee will originate from Ethiopia and Papua New Guinea. They also offer a small menu of food items to compliment the coffee.

The atmosphere is clean, comfortable and rustic. There are plenty of seating options if you plan to stay a bit and savor the coffee and aromas, or just stop in for a coffee to go.

Get recharged at L3 Craft Coffee, where you can taste the coffee you’re sure to love; laugh with friends as you enjoy one of the many unique brews; and learn about the variety of ways to brew coffee at the discovery bar.

L3 Craft Coffee is open seven days a week at 10615 Fry Rd.

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Virtual tour of the new Highland Homes model in Parkland Village

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Custom homes coming soon to Parkland Village

The opportunity to live in a custom-designed home in Parkland Village is here! Development is underway and models are expected to go under construction in late summer on an exclusive, gated, custom-home neighborhood called Sheldon Lake. Located at the center of Bridgeland’s newest village, the private community of Sheldon Lake will be positioned between the future Parkland Activity Center and Bridgeland’s educational campus, while also being within walking distance to all the amenities of Josey Lake.

Two of Houston’s premium custom builders, Partners in Building and Fedrick, Harris Estate Homes will be designing and building homes on some of the largest homesites currently available in Parkland Village. The first phase of the private community will consist of twenty-four, half-acre homesites. The sizable lots provide plenty of space to incorporate every aspect desired in a custom home. In addition to being a gated section, many homesites will offer lakefront living.

Both builders take a personalized approach in creating individualized spaces to build the home of your dreams. Partners in Building builds customized homes by creating one-of-a-kind spaces based on your budget, while Fedrick, Harris Estate Homes, the premier division of Newmark Homes, offers clients the ability to present their own designs or take existing plans and make changes to suit their desires. Read more ›

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Top 5 Home Design Trends

Whether you’re building a new home or want to update your current living space, it’s important to keep an eye out for the home design trends that are popular this year. We talked to the experts at Millennium Designs, Inc. and gathered the latest design tips you need to know. Check them out below. You can easily showcase all of the following trends in a new home in Bridgeland. Our team of prestigious homebuilders can help you create the home of your dreams, inside and out.

  1. Trendy Fabric

You can add a lot of style and comfort to your home by choosing your fabrics and textiles well. This year’s trendy interior design fabric is none other than velvet. You may have seen velvet make a comeback in the fashion world; now, it’s heading to your living spaces. Try incorporating velvet into fabric sofas or use it as an accent with throw pillows or blankets.

  1. Bold Colors

Home accessory and paint colors can be hard to choose. Should you go with a calm neutral or a bold finish? This year, the home interior colors you should be focusing on are kale, a green inspired by the leafy vegetable, and ultraviolet, Pantone’s color of the year for 2018. Both colors offer great opportunities to fill your space with personality. Whether you go with an ultraviolet accent wall or use kale-colored velvet in your accessories, you can’t lose with these cool colors.

  1. Outdoor Living Spaces

Entertaining is moving outside the home. More and more people want to bring the fun of their living and dining spaces to the great outdoors. Outdoor furniture for dining, pergolas, outdoor kitchens, firepits and comfortable patios are definitely something to consider this year. You can even incorporate other trends into your outdoor entertaining space. For example, consider upholstering wicker furniture in waterproof kale or ultraviolet fabric. Remember, the main goal is to recreate a great entertaining space in your own backyard.

  1. Mixed Metals

A simple way to spice up your kitchen design is to utilize brushed brass or brushed nickel in your hardware. From doorknobs and pulls to light fixtures and faucet finishes, this stylish look will elevate any kitchen. Pair it with two-tone cabinets, and your kitchen will be a hit.

  1. Framed Bathroom Mirrors

Many bathroom mirrors are merely fixed to the wall without decoration. But this season, framed mirrors are turning heads. Choose an ornate or modern style depending on your current bathroom design to make your mirror really pop. You can easily use this trend on wall mirrors throughout your home, too.

There you have it! From simple touches to full outdoor makeovers, design trends this year will help set a new tone in your home. Incorporate one or all of these styles to create a welcoming, fashionable environment.

Contributor: Wendy Mitchell, Millennium Designs, Inc.

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Virtual Tour of the new Trendmaker Model in Parkland Village

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Landscaping enhancements coming to Fry Road

The Fry Road median which runs along Bridgeland’s eastern boundary is about to get a much needed facelift. In partnership with Harris County, the Howard Hughes Corporation will soon begin beautifying the center strip. The project will encompass approximately 2 miles of the Fry Road corridor, extending from Bridgeland Landing Drive to just slightly south of Tuckerton Road.

Tree farms throughout Bridgeland will provide trees to be used in the Fry Road enhancement project

One of the design goals for the community is to provide a more natural look and feel both in and around Bridgeland. Both loblolly pines and live oaks, two of the same evergreen trees that are predominantly seen throughout the development, will be used to spruce up the dividance between north and southbound traffic.

Continuing the commitment to sustainable development practice and in consideration of the environment while enhancing the landscape, approximately 180 trees will be sourced from the more than 750,000 trees within Bridgeland’s existing tree farm, which is located on undeveloped land inside the community. The fast-growing loblolly and the live oak, a favorite tree for shade and its majestic appearance, will provide both shelter and food for the area’s wildlife. The trees will be irrigated using Bridgeland’s non-potable, ‘purple pipe’ water system. The same system that waters the common area within our community. Read more ›

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Take a virtual tour of the new Coventry Model in Parkland Village

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Bridgeland sets new standard as it breaks ground on new multifamily project

With each new phase of development, Bridgeland continues to set new standards for master planned communities, and once again, this premier community is setting trends as it breaks ground this month on its newest luxury, technologically advanced multifamily homes.

The project will consist of two-story townhomes and four-story multifamily buildings. For those seeking a more refined place to call home with independence from maintenance, each of the 312 units of varying sizes up to 1,300 square feet will be outfitted with superior fixtures and accompanied by top-of-the-line amenities, including nine-foot ceilings, quartz countertops, garden tubs, walk-in closets, home automation technology, and in-unit washer/dryers.

The well-appointed housing option will be located within Lakeland Village near Mason Road. Its position will offer unobstructed views of Josey Lake while catering to the convenience of the Grand Parkway and nearby shopping at the future town center, where density is planned to increase to facilitate the planning and implementation of the 900-acre future commercial site.   Read more ›

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“Windgrass” graces entrance in Bridgeland to become community’s first major piece of art

If you have entered Bridgeland from Grand Parkway recently, you’ve probably noticed the bright orange-red linear rods adjacent to the Bridgeland monument sign. What you are witnessing is Bridgeland’s first major work of public art. Titled Windgrass, this dramatic, 26-foot tall sculpture was created by Konstantin Dimopoulos and is the artist’s only permanent installation in Texas.

Part of Bridgeland’s master plan is to incorporate works of art and sculpture into the landscaped surroundings. Assisting in this effort to offer a cultural component is Kinzelman Art Consulting. With Windgrass,  Bridgeland officially begins its public art collection, carrying on the tradition four decades ago by sister community – The Woodlands.

Inspired by the movement of the vast, swaying prairie grass in the Texas landscape, Dimopoulos sought to create a piece that could seamlessly integrate into the Bridgeland landscape. The sculpture flanks the entry monument to Bridgeland when accessing the development from Grand Parkway. The vibrant shafts soar dramatically skyward punctuating the grand entrance and providing a distinctive welcome to current and future residents. It is sure to be a conversation piece for generations.  Read more ›

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