Treehouse Park receives special recognition

Bridgeland’s coolest new amenity now has some shiny new hardware to brag about. The Texas Nursery Landscape Association (TNLA) recently presented Bridgeland with the Gold Award for its innovative Treehouse Park amenity during the 2017 TNLA Awards Celebration in Dallas.

The award was presented to the Bridgeland team and its building partner, LANDology, for developing the park, which includes a unique treehouse structure designed by Houston architect Richard Cate of MCCM Architects.

If you’ve visited Treehouse Park, you know why it’s a special place in Bridgeland. The treehouse, despite being more than 35 feet above ground, never touches the live oak tree that surrounds it. Created from renewable pine stock and is laced within a century-old oak tree, it gives visitors the impression that the stately oak tree organically grew through the treehouse.

Designing the treehouse was only half of the project. Building the treehouse required being mindful of lateral roots beneath the ground which, if cut or disturbed, could have a negative impact on the oak tree. To prevent that, the site was excavated not with shovels, but with an air spade. Using this approach preserved the roots of the stately tree that serves as the treehouse’s host.

In the end, the treehouse construction was successful. As an added benefit, the treehouse is situated on a site well known by local Houston birding enthusiasts. Cate, a longtime birder who frequently visited the site prior to the existence of Bridgeland, designed the treehouse as an escape for Bridgeland residents–a place where they can enjoy a view of the Katy Prairie not often experienced.

During the fall months, Treehouse Park serves as a perfect location for viewing sparrows, hawks and owls.


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