Top 5 Home Design Trends

Whether you’re building a new home or want to update your current living space, it’s important to keep an eye out for the home design trends that are popular this year. We talked to the experts at Millennium Designs, Inc. and gathered the latest design tips you need to know. Check them out below. You can easily showcase all of the following trends in a new home in Bridgeland. Our team of prestigious homebuilders can help you create the home of your dreams, inside and out.

  1. Trendy Fabric

You can add a lot of style and comfort to your home by choosing your fabrics and textiles well. This year’s trendy interior design fabric is none other than velvet. You may have seen velvet make a comeback in the fashion world; now, it’s heading to your living spaces. Try incorporating velvet into fabric sofas or use it as an accent with throw pillows or blankets.

  1. Bold Colors

Home accessory and paint colors can be hard to choose. Should you go with a calm neutral or a bold finish? This year, the home interior colors you should be focusing on are kale, a green inspired by the leafy vegetable, and ultraviolet, Pantone’s color of the year for 2018. Both colors offer great opportunities to fill your space with personality. Whether you go with an ultraviolet accent wall or use kale-colored velvet in your accessories, you can’t lose with these cool colors.

  1. Outdoor Living Spaces

Entertaining is moving outside the home. More and more people want to bring the fun of their living and dining spaces to the great outdoors. Outdoor furniture for dining, pergolas, outdoor kitchens, firepits and comfortable patios are definitely something to consider this year. You can even incorporate other trends into your outdoor entertaining space. For example, consider upholstering wicker furniture in waterproof kale or ultraviolet fabric. Remember, the main goal is to recreate a great entertaining space in your own backyard.

  1. Mixed Metals

A simple way to spice up your kitchen design is to utilize brushed brass or brushed nickel in your hardware. From doorknobs and pulls to light fixtures and faucet finishes, this stylish look will elevate any kitchen. Pair it with two-tone cabinets, and your kitchen will be a hit.

  1. Framed Bathroom Mirrors

Many bathroom mirrors are merely fixed to the wall without decoration. But this season, framed mirrors are turning heads. Choose an ornate or modern style depending on your current bathroom design to make your mirror really pop. You can easily use this trend on wall mirrors throughout your home, too.

There you have it! From simple touches to full outdoor makeovers, design trends this year will help set a new tone in your home. Incorporate one or all of these styles to create a welcoming, fashionable environment.

Contributor: Wendy Mitchell, Millennium Designs, Inc.

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