Three Features to Look for When Buying an Energy-Efficient Home

From LED lighting to double-pane windows, home builders are improving energy efficiency when building new homes. But, why does that matter? By investing in a new energy-efficient home, homebuyers can reduce energy consumption, increase savings and reduce their ecological footprint. Here are the three main features to look for when shopping for a new home.

1. Energy-Saving Materials

A great thing to ask about when looking for a new home is energy-saving building materials. Many builders offer energy-efficient features: radiant barrier roofs, LED lightbulbs, double-pane windows, more effective insulation, and special framing techniques are just a few of the energy-efficient materials new homebuyers can incorporate into their homes. By utilizing these materials, new homes can conserve energy and lower monthly energy bills significantly.

2. Energy-Efficient Smart Appliances

In addition to eco-friendly building materials, smart appliances can help you conserve precious resources, saving money and giving you peace of mind. Smart appliances include products and systems that connect to the internet, communicate with other systems, and can be controlled remotely or by voice command. Ask if the new home you’re viewing comes with a smart thermostat, an energy-efficient refrigerator, or other low-VOC products and how each impacts your energy usage.

3. Energy Star® Certificate and HERS (Home Energy Rating System) Index

The good news is that builders can’t simply say that their homes are eco-friendly; they have to prove it by qualifying for certifications and achieving acceptable ratings. Many builders adhere to strict energy regulations set by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Awards and certifications, like Energy Star and HERS, can help you feel confident in your home’s energy efficiency. Just ask the builders what their ratings or certifications are when shopping for a new home. Remember, the higher the score the better!

Looking for an energy-efficient home in Bridgeland or The Woodlands? Finding or building a new home that reduces energy consumption is not only possible; it’s easy to do. Many of our prestigious home builders are passionate about providing energy-conserving homes and offer many of the eco-friendly features discussed above. You can learn more about each community’s builders and the specific features they offer by visiting the links below. When you buy an energy-efficient home in Bridgeland or The Woodlands, you also join a community of like-minded neighbors who are dedicated to promoting a more environmentally conscious way of life.

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