Say Aloha to Shaka Power Yoga

Aloha, Cypress area yogis! A new yoga studio is coming to Lakeland Village Center this summer. Shaka Power Yoga, a Hawaiian-inspired yoga studio will join the growing assortment of businesses within Bridgeland. It’s the first studio in Cypress to solely offer yoga classes to individuals – of all ages – from first-timers to experienced yogis wishing to perfect their practice.

The mission of Shaka Power Yoga is to build a yoga community filled with ‘aloha,’ which is the Hawaiian word for ‘love,’ ‘peace,’ and ‘affection.’ Because the Bridgeland lifestyle places an emphasis on fitness, embracing nature and the outdoors and community engagement, it seemed the perfect community for owner Jenny Normand to open her yoga studio.


What is Shaka? It’s a traditional and heartfelt Hawaiian way to greet someone. It has many meanings that encompass everything from hello and love to family, friend and community. It’s an expression of gratitude given freely, without expecting anything in return. It is expressed using a symbolic hand gesture. Think of the way surfers signal to say, ‘stay loose.’

Finding the connection between body, mind and breath, Shaka Power Yoga will bring aloha to help those seeking balance. Classes will be available for participants spanning the spectrum of ages and incorporating the style’s messages of positivity, love and wellness. You’ll find classes in different types of yoga that cater to all fitness levels, in a variety of heated and non-heated classes.

In an effort to bring family and friends closer together, classes will be offered so that parents and children can practice yoga at the same time. A kid’s yoga program will provide an opportunity for our youngest residents to learn yoga with friends, while a separate class for parents to practice will run simultaneously.

As you learn the names of yoga poses you’ll be learning a few words in Sanskrit, and no doubt, at Shaka Power Yoga, you may pick up the meaning of a few Hawaiian words, as well. On her website, Normand invites you to join the ohana, or family.

Until its formal opening, Shaka Power Yoga will be doing various pop-up events throughout the Cypress community, and for those living in Bridgeland, the chance to practice right in your own backyard – literally. One idea Normand has is to utilize the natural outdoor space of Bridgeland’s Josey Lake and bring Shaka Power Yoga to the water.

You’ll find Shaka Power Yoga located at 10611 Fry Road, suite 250. With thumb and pinkie extended and giving an enthusiastic shake, ‘Namaste.’

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