Parkland 100 at Settlers Park

Just this summer, Bridgeland announced it’s next phase of development – Parkland Village. The addition comes on the heels of many exciting happenings in the community. Bridgeland High School’s four-story campus opened in Sept., Josey Lake, a 140-acre world-class amenity is nearing completion, and a new centralized model home park continues to add new builders to the lineup.

It has been 11 years since Bridgeland welcomed its first family. Now that the community has nearly 3,000 homes and a new village underway, it was time to find a special way to honor those that have been eager to call the new village their home. 

Parkland 100 at Settlers Park will be dedicated to the first 100 families who choose to make Parkland Village their home. In commemoration of these first families, a total of 100 trees will be planted with special plaques honoring each family in the 25-acre village park that will go under construction soon. These trees will be a special touch in an area that is sure to be a hub of activity for residents. The first family to move into Parkland Village and to receive a tree in their honor will be announced soon. Currently, 60 homes have been sold in the new village and are under construction.

Bridgeland’s Lakeland Village  also honored its first homebuyers when it opened in 2006 in an area named Pioneer Park. Since then the community has blossomed, with many of those original families now living in their second homes in Bridgeland, and some with children who were born in the community and now attend Bridgeland schools. That sense of community is at the heart of Bridgeland’s identity and has inspired the tradition of honoring families who choose early on to establish their roots in the community.

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