New mural at Lakeland Village Center is now complete

The Howard Hughes Corporation (HHC) introduced Lakeland Village Center in Bridgeland in 2016. Since that time, the center has grown with a diverse collection of businesses – including restaurants, salons, fitness boutiques, a coffee shop, and more.

Lakeland Village Center was designed to serve as a small downtown with a true ‘Main Street’ so that visitors could have a unique shopping experience and not feel like they are at a typical strip center. Additionally, the majority of the parking is located behind the center in order to preserve the aesthetics of the design. The goal was for Lakeland Village Center to have a historic feel – a trip down memory lane where shopping is located in a downtown setting and customers stroll down Main Street to shop, dine and mingle with friends and neighbors.

Local artist Anat Ronen was commissioned in February 2017 to design the center’s first mural. Anat was asked to create a piece that incorporated nature, a fundamental element ingrained in Bridgeland’s overall plan, with a vintage look that would help bring an old-town feel to the mixed-retail center. The design she created accomplished just that and the style of the mural is referred to as a “ghosting technique” which offers a distressed look with exposed brick and semi-exposed paint.

Anat Ronen’s First Mural at Lakeland Village Center

This first mural added character and charm to the center that set the tone for Anat’s second piece. The team at HHC asked her to create something with historic flair that also incorporated nature but in an unexpected way. She was asked to consider the history of the area, which for decades was used for rice farming and cattle operations. Anat’s goal was to create a piece that would be out of the ordinary and wouldn’t just blend into the background.

After some research, Anat found a vintage postcard that inspired the exact historical tie-in she was looking for. Nothing illustrates Texas more than cattle, and who wouldn’t love a cowboy riding a giant jackrabbit for their next Instagram post? This is how ‘Lakeland Cattle Co.’ was born

Vintage Postcard from the 1930’s Titled ‘Cattle Punching on a Jackrabbit’

Anat Ronen’s mural at Lakeland Village Center

There have been several variations of the vintage postcard that originated in the 1930’s. So, when your friends and neighbors ask about the new mural at Lakeland Village Center, you’ll know the historical value of Lakeland Cattle Co.

It’s extra touches like the murals that Bridgeland aims to incorporate into everything that is built. The desire to create places where people can have experiences not available anywhere else is a priority for the community.

Lakeland Village Center is home to the monthly event ‘Friday Night Bites’ where families gather for food and entertainment just steps away from their front door. Special holiday activities are being planned for next month as the center continues to be a destination where people enjoy the offerings available. Each of Bridgeland’s four villages will have similar retail centers and will strive for other special elements, like the murals at Lakeland Village Center, to create a memorable experience for all who visit.

View the daily progress on Anat’s mural. The project took nine days to complete. 

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