Landscaping enhancements coming to Fry Road

The Fry Road median which runs along Bridgeland’s eastern boundary is about to get a much needed facelift. In partnership with Harris County, the Howard Hughes Corporation will soon begin beautifying the center strip. The project will encompass approximately 2 miles of the Fry Road corridor, extending from Bridgeland Landing Drive to just slightly south of Tuckerton Road.

Tree farms throughout Bridgeland will provide trees to be used in the Fry Road enhancement project

One of the design goals for the community is to provide a more natural look and feel both in and around Bridgeland. Both loblolly pines and live oaks, two of the same evergreen trees that are predominantly seen throughout the development, will be used to spruce up the dividance between north and southbound traffic.

Continuing the commitment to sustainable development practice and in consideration of the environment while enhancing the landscape, approximately 180 trees will be sourced from the more than 750,000 trees within Bridgeland’s existing tree farm, which is located on undeveloped land inside the community. The fast-growing loblolly and the live oak, a favorite tree for shade and its majestic appearance, will provide both shelter and food for the area’s wildlife. The trees will be irrigated using Bridgeland’s non-potable, ‘purple pipe’ water system. The same system that waters the common area within our community.

Since Parkland Village is maturating southward, it seemed to be the appropriate time to begin enhancements along this main corridor. In a few years’ time, the section of Fry Road that runs alongside the community will take on a more wooded appearance.

Any existing plantings and seedlings presently located in the median will be repotted and returned to Harris County for use in future improvement projects. This improvement will begin this summer and is estimated to be completed before the end of the year.

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