Bridgeland: The Home for a Healthy Lifestyle

The new year is a time for making positive changes. Many choose to focus their New Year’s resolutions on healthy living and getting fit. While it can be challenging to change your lifestyle, being active is easy in Bridgeland. Check out our list of all the fun and fit things you can do in our thriving community.

Enjoy outdoor fitness.
Getting fit doesn’t have to happen indoors. You can work out while enjoying the view by running, walking, hiking or biking on the miles of trails that connect our community. To enhance your outdoor workout, House Hahl Trail has fitness stations that can be used for interval training. For those interested in practicing yoga or Pilates, our many parks offer great shaded spaces for you to do your downward dog. Plus, disc golf enthusiasts can brush up on their skills on our disc golf course or introduce a new friend to the sport! Got kids? They can join in on the fun and stay healthy outside by playing in one of the many parks throughout the community.

Get in shape together.
Bridgeland is all about making healthy connections between people and nature. You can find like-minded friends by joining one of our community fitness groups, including mountain biking, disc golf, running, gardening, canoeing and kayaking, and many other offerings. For our youngest residents, there’s plenty to do as well. Bridgeland kids can participate in kid activities, like soccer camps, swim team, and more.

Participate in a wellness event.
Sometimes, it takes a big event to get you in the mood to exercise. Well, we’ve got you covered. You can participate in the Texas 10 Race Series happening here in Bridgeland (Jan. 13), the Cypress Triathlon (July), and Bridgeland Community Supports Veterans, Inc.’s annual Fun Run/Walk for Heroes (October). For a more casual experience, join in on one of our many community runs that happen frequently throughout the year!

Work out with the professionals.
Sometimes, you need the support of a pro to accomplish your health goals. Thankfully, there are plenty of places to turn to in Bridgeland’s Lakeland Village Center, including 9RoundFitness, F45 Training, Shaka Power Yoga and Select Physical Therapy. All of these businesses are staffed by professionals and are conveniently located nearby. Check them out to keep your body in tip-top shape.

Whether your new year goal is to lose a few pounds or establish a new workout routine, Bridgeland is here to help you incorporate your new lifestyle into your everyday life. Our community was designed with connectivity in mind to encourage residents to get outdoors and stay active. By joining with others who share your health goals, we know you’ll find success in 2019.

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